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Danat Al Misfaha Trading LLC is a division of Diesel Link Auto Parts Trading LLC. Danat is the leading automobile spare parts distributors in Oman and specializes in Diesel fuel injection pumps, parts, components, tools, and equipment of various varieties.

Danat works with numerous well-known international companies in the segment, including BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, ZEXEL, and many others. Danat Diesel is the best Delphi Authorized Dealer in Muscat along with 15 years of experience in this field.

Danat Diesel is a well-known brand and the top DENSO Authorized Dealer in Muscat for cost-effective services. We provide the best prices in Oman on all types of reputed brand fuel injection equipment and components.

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"Your Trusted Diesel Engine Partner with Over 15 Years of Expertise in the Industry"


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We are committed to offering quality products and services and seek to gain our clients' trust so that we can become their "first choice vendor".

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Danat is committed to offering first-rate automobile spare parts distributors in Oman. We always make it a point to truly comprehend our clients' demands before delivering them the best solutions on the market. We are devoted to consistently improving our client service. In addition, to stay current, our service technology is continually updated. Our vast list of repeat customers attests to our exceptional service and pleasant interactions with our clients.

Credibility - Highly trained with over 15 years of expertise in the diesel fuel injection industry.
Convenience - A one-stop shop for all your reputable brand fuel injection pumps and parts.
Customer Service - Employees are constantly trained to guarantee that you receive the best possible service.

We Provide Quality Services


We feel that sharing the experiences of individuals who have worked with us is the best approach
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Kareem Jaseer

"Recently had the pleasure of working with them to find a reliable and efficient engine for my industrial application, and I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and expertise."

Michael James

"The team at Danat Diesel took the time to understand my specific needs and provided me with a range of options that met my requirements."

Christeen Pulmer

"I would highly recommend Danat Diesel to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient diesel​ engine solution. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality make them an outstanding choice."

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