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Danat Al Misfaha Trading LLC
– Leading Supplier of Automobile Spare Parts In Oman

Danat Diesel is the leading supplier of automobile spare parts in Oman provides a wide range of Fuel Injection components for the automotive, agricultural, construction, and marine industries. Our complete inventory of automotive component supplies is extremely durable and strong.

Danat Al Misfaha Trading LLC is the best supplier of automobile spare parts in muscat, and it specializes in Diesel fuel injection pumps, parts, components, tools, and equipment of all types.

Danat works with numerous well-known international companies in the segment, including BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, ZEXEL, and many others. Danat Diesel has over 15 years of experience in this field.

Danat Diesel is a well-known brand for car accessories in muscat for high-quality products and cost-effective services. We provide the best prices in Oman on all types of reputed brand fuel injection equipment and components.

Danat Diesel has built a global reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier of automobile fuel injection pumps and components.

We have exclusive collaborations with the world's most respected brands.


Our Objective Is to Provide
Outstanding Customer Service.

We are steadfast in our commitment to promoting the global expansion and development of diesel fuel injection systems. We want our employees and suppliers to flourish holistically, and we are conscious of our environmental responsibilities.

Our company's concept is based on the concepts of dependability and quality. If you have any questions or need assistance with the Diesel Fuel Injection System, we are here to help.


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